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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blazing! Adventures Magazine: The Blog!

Blazing is but mere days from launching!

Oh the pain and heartache, the drama one goes through just getting something like this to see life (a child is more to handle, but hell, this is like having a child! Drama that is).

The decision has been made, the Blazing! Blog will be a place for people to comment and ask questions about the site, and the contributors whose writings will be featured on the site.

As it goes along, more will be added to this blog in the way of communication with contributors.

(Technology can be a pain when you at LEAST expect it!) but as I write this, the entrance is up (with a few hiccups of course but hey, what birth happens without a few complications) and the rest should be up by 9-30-2006.

Until then, bounce on over to for a little taste of the rough stuff until the action & adventure of Blazing! is bought to you.

Keep an eye on the thug there, expect great things coming down the line!

Oh, and if you are able to get to NYC this sunday, you can see me pimpin' Blazing! at The 18th Annual NYC Collectable Paperback & Pulp Fiction Expo will be held on Sunday October 1, 2006 at the Holiday Inn, 440 West 57th Street, New York City.

For details:

GRYPHON BOOKS Collectable Paperback Show
NYC Collectable Paperback & Pulp Fiction Expo:

The 18th big annual show will be held: Sunday, October 1, 2006, at the Holiday
Inn on 57th Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues, NYC.

Confirmed AUTHOR guests include:

LINTON BALDWIN, famous 1950s era Lion Books crime author!

ANN BANNON, author of many fine lesbian novels for Gold Medal in the 50s!

JACK KETCHAM, spine-tingling horror author!

MORRIS HERSHMAN, classic 50s Manhunt and paperback crime author!

CHARLES ARDAI, crime author and editor of Hard Case Crime paperbacks!

JOHN NORMAN, famous author of the Gor science fiction novels!

Confirmed ARTIST guests include:

SANDY KOSSIN, classic 60s paperback cover artist also did Bantam Shadow covers!

PETER CARAS, classic 70s era paperback cover artist, also did The Avenger covers!

MARCUS BOAS, current heroic fantasy artist and paperback cover artist!

JOE DEVITO, famous artist in many venues, also covers for Doc Savage paperbacks!

If you can make it, I'll see you there!