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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The Authors:-

Pottersville- by Raymond Emback-

Clothes Make The Manticore- by P.J. Lozito-

A Dame To Die For- by William A. Rae

Women Are Like StreetCars- by O’Neil De Noux-

Joshua Williams Breaks A Date- by John allen Small-

The Height Of Arrogance- by T.J. Glenn -

Atomic Visions- by Matt Casey-

Run of The Mill- by Nancy Sweetland-

Gun- by Xavier Treadwell

These are the writers from the very first issue of Blazing! Adventures Magazine. Any questions or comments for the authors can be posted here and I will forward them to the writer.

Any coments about the site can also be posted here.



Monday, October 02, 2006

Full Steam

Yes, Blazing Adventures Magazine is fully up. The submissions page will be the final addition to be added.

I was out pimping Blazing at the NYC Vintage book fair ran by one heck of a guy, Gary Lovisi of Hardboiled magazine fame. Man, mental note, *must bring cash, a lot of it to these events*. There were books I'd love to own. I also met there one TJ Glenn, writer of the Dr. Shadow series presently on Blazing! Very good guy.

Ran into Charles Ardai of HardCase Crime (whose life I saved! ANOTHER LIFE SAVED BY DASH COURAGEOUS!!!!!!!!! ADVENTURE!!!!!!! he knows what I mean-heh heh) great always to see him.

I was introducing the publisher Falcon books from the fifties around the place and only found two people who've heard of those gems of crime fiction. Gary, who introduced me to them through his article in Mystery Scene Magazine, helped me find another Falcon book, that I thought I had already.

Thanks Gary, you're the best!

I'll add the names and stories they wrote on here for people to familiarize themselves and be able to comment correctly about here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Blazing!


Dash Courageous
Blazing! Adventures Magazine