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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blazing Adventures Magazine Issue 2 is a GO!!!

Welcome to Issue 2, of Blazing! Adventures Magazine-

Introducing, the Writers-

Patrick Lambe: story: The Whore Of Lemuria

Gary Lovisi: Article: Falcon Books

John Harper: story: Coercion

Dwight Geddes: story: Consequential Damages

Andrew Salmon: story: Run

Sylvia Nickels: story: The PI & The Dancer

Keith Gilman: story: Nice Round Numbers

Chris J. Wright: story: The Lady Killer

Teel James Glenn: story: Blind Contract

Ron Capshaw: story: Murder on The Train of History

GunMen: story: Xavier Treadwell

New Flash serial installments of the continuing adventures of;

Dash Courageous & The MorningStar Brigade; The Rockets of Death!
Agent G-9: The Battle for Heaven's Gate!

-GET READY FOR ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dash Courageous
Blazing! Adventures Magazine

Friday, April 20, 2007

Blazing Adventures Magazine is now closed!

For submissions!

Stay tuned for issue number 2.